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The Vend-A-Print Machine Strikes Again!

Tomorrow (8/17) I'm having an artist reception at the Arlington Museum of Art in Arlington, TX from 6-9pm, for my current exhibit "Rock N Roll Is In The Blood." I'll be doing some live painting/finishing out a large painting during the evening, as well as rolling out the infamous Vend-A-Print machine again. In honor of the theme of the show, I've produced some new artwork to dispense in the machine; some swell rock n' rollers as well as a few other pop culture influences I enjoy.

All of the art in the machine is original and unique, even if some of the images duplicate. I'm trying to mix up some of the pieces and subject matter when an event calls for such action, in hopes patrons will return for more. At four quarters a pop, what better way to start or add to your art collection?!?

Here are some sneak peeks of what you may expect to find in the machine:

This is a swell tribute to my favorite record label of all time, the label that launched the careers of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Ground Control to Major Tom / you're circuit's dead / there's something wrong / can you hear me Major Tom?

Basically, I hand paint the paper on which to print on, then layer all sorts of ink colors and graphics to build some interesting texture. Finally, I gang-printing different images in a darker color, mostly black, to finish off the pieces. Once complete, I'll cut apart each image for inclusion in the Vend-A-Print machine, where lucky patrons will walk away with a swell piece of art for next to nothing.

Aside from the machine being gimmicky, the idea is to make some of original art affordable and available to everyone, not just to those who can afford my high-end work. Plus, society seems to be intrigued by the consumption of goods via vending machines, again, so why not make my art available this way, too?

I'm hoping there will be more events in the near future to bring the Vend-A-Print machine back out. It's a fun, interactive way to consume and experience art, for sure.

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