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Sun Records 3" Series Now Available!

I'm a little late in sharing this news, but here it is...

Over the summer I was commissioned by the fine folks at Record Store Day, ORG Music and Sun Records to take a stab at designing the packaging for their 3" Singles Set, featuring Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Earlier this year, Record Store Day and Crosley teamed up to develop a special record player that plays 3" records as a fun promotional tool. There have been some great releases so far, from Jack White and Third Man Records and the Beastie Boys, and now, the Sun Records legacy adds to the mix. This special set celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Shelby Singleton taking over the Sun Records catalog.

Each record features a single-sided recording, a 2-sided fold out poster, record sleeve and bio card for each artist. Initially, this was going to be a 'blind box' releases, meaning you had a chance to randomly receiving one of the four recordings. However, I'm glad the decision was made to make each release available.

This was a really fun and challenging project, especially since the packaging is the size of a Post-It note. A lot of detail went into each release, and I'm thrilled the project has been well-received by fans and everyone involved. I need to get some better product photos for myself and the website, but here is a sneak peek photo by the RSD folks of the entire set. This is a limited release, so check with your local record stores for availability. Alternatively, aftermarket venues like eBay and Discogs are good resources to track these down. Records and player sold separately, sadly.

I have a few other record projects in the pipeline, of which I cannot share yet, but they are some good ones! I feel ever-fortunate to have this creative outlet and leaving my tiny stamp on music history. It's a dream-come-true to work on album packaging, especially for the likes of Sun Records, my favorite record label of all-time. Thanks to the folks at ORG Music, Record Store Day and Sun Records for trusting me with their baby. Looking forward to the next project!

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