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"Magnet" Art Zine No.1 - NOW AVAILABLE


You'd think I'd have a special release party for this monumental and zine-tastic milestone, but I'm not. I'm simply putting this out there for the masses (or non-masses) to consume at will.

So, what is "Magnet" anyway? Simply put, the zine is an 18-page visual gumbo; a tribute to pinups, vintage cars, textures, halftones, music, and all of the wonderful things that inspire me as an artist and designer. Contained in the pages are elements and subject matter I'm attracted to, hence the title. There are no prose or poems, just good 'ol eye candy that can fit snuggly in your back pocket. Each monthly issue is painstakingly designed, xeroxed, cut and assembled by hand for a genuine DIY punk look and feel, printed on different colors and brands of paper.

I'm not sure what has kept me from producing my own zine after all this time, but I'm glad I can finally contribute my own art rag, as I've always been interested in small press publishing. It's been a fun project to work this summer, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the response is.

So, there it is. You can find a copy of "Magnet" No.1 exclusively in the Napkin Art Mart here.

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