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Hot Off the Press: Margo Price!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a music junkie, and when I discover a new (or new to me) artist I really like, my biggest goal is to be able to design and screen print a gig poster for that artist.

Enter Margo Price, a stellar country artist recording for Jack White's Third Man Records label, and probably one of the most honest to goodness songwriters in Nashville today. Her and guitarist/songwriter husband and partner in crime, Jeremy Ivey, literally put everything on the line to record Price's debut album, "Midwest Farmer's Daughter" at the legendary Sun Studios. Twenty-sixteen turned out to be a banner year for Price and her band, The Price Tags, and they a rolling along from town to town in 2017, spreading the gospel that is her brand of killer country music.

I fell in love with Price's story and music around November 2015 when I first learned about her. Her debut single for Third Man Records, called "Hurtin' On the Bottle" has been played a lot on my turntable since its release, and everything Price and her band has released since has been pure gold (in my humble opinion.)

So, when I found out Price would be rolling through Dallas on March 25th, playing Dallas' historic Kessler Theater, I had to immediately reach out to the Kessler's owner to stake claim on designing and printing a poster for the occasion. Lo and behold, the above is my contribution, a small token of thanks to the band and the venue that inspires me on a regular basis. Words don't even begin to describe my excitement for the show. My only hope is that the band sticks around long enough to sign a record for me and allow me to introduce myself, and say 'thank you' in person. Even if that doesn't happen, The Kessler Theater is a very intimate setting, so I know I'll enjoy the night, regardless.

As far as the poster goes, I printed a very small batch this time around, mostly for just the band and venue, which also turned out to be my first 'full bleed' print job for a poster (meaning, the ink goes all the way to the edge of the paper.) I will have a few copies available after the show, so keep your eyes peeled to my Etsy shop to scoop one up.

This may be my last poster project for awhile, so if it is, it's a good one to take a hiatus on. Plenty of other projects going on, anyway. Never a dull moment.

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