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Saving Design One Print at a Time!

I'm always on the hunt for design inspiration, whether it be for a client project or something personal. the internet, especially Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr seem to give up design goodies a lot better than a generic web image search, and sometimes I hit pay dirt.

I recently discovered this great little graphic on one such scavenger hunt, a killer 'fiddlin' cowboy' that graced the front of an old Bob Wills record cover from 1949. The image I found online was very small, but detailed enough to distinguish what it was. So naturally, I spent a good deal of time looking for a copy of that record. Several weeks went by...nothing. I had just about given up my search when I was going through the record collection of a good friend of mine, and lo and behold, he had a copy of the Bob Wills record with the killer 'fiddlin' cowboy' graphic on the cover. I whipped out my phone, snapped a pic, and recreated the image as soon as I could get to the studio. I had to give this little fella an extended lease on life via a fine art print.

I did my best to replicate the original design as close as possible in the final art print, including colors, which measures a whopping 16 x 20 inches, printed on French Madero Beach Speckletone paper with water based inks.

I have no idea who the illustrator was for the record label back then, but I am on the hunt for a name(s), and hopefully my print gives the graphic some new love. I'll have to look for other great and obscure record cover illustrations that need a new lease on (design) life.

I only printed 10 of these guys, so if you wish to add one to your art collection, you can find him here for a limited time. Each print comes signed and ready to frame. I'll have one hanging in my record room soon enough.

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